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Is central Portugal suitable for raising children ?
We believe so. There are, however, no International Schools in the area, so it is advisable that the children learn the Portuguese language. The Portuguese in the area make the learning process fun. Once mastered, one can enjoy excellent schools offering a broad range of education. Ample outdoor swimming opportunities are available in the rivers and streams, as are fishing, hiking and other activities. Sports, in general, are encouraged. For older teenagers there are a limited number of discos in the immediate vicinity, however, the some what more cosmopolitan towns of Tomar, Pombal and Coimbra are within comfortable driving distance. The University of Coimbra, claiming to be the oldest University in Europe, is only an hours drive via excellent roads. Other technical and trade schools are within reach. In short, the area has left behind its former cloak of isolation and now enjoys both worlds - the urban facilities, as well as the delights of rural life.

What is the quality of life in rural Portugal ?
Depending upon one's personal requirements, one may enjoy a very satisfactory quality of life in rural Portugal. To start, the air and water in the region are excellent. The climate is friendly, the cost of living is modest and medical/dental care is of good quality. The most important of all, to our way of thinking, is the fact that our Portuguese neighbours are gracious, friendly and ready to assist. Furthermore, there is a noticeable absence of stress. For example, there is practically no crime in the area. The local police are personable and responsive. The local fire brigades are efficient and respond rapidly.

How are the taxes in rural Portugal ?
Portuguese taxes are rapidly being integrated into standardised European models. They are neither more nor less draconian than taxes elsewhere in the EU. Therefore, if one is planning to register as a permanent resident of Portugal, it is strongly recommended that before a commitment is made, one seeks expert advice from a qualified and trustworthy Portuguese Tax Accountant. The amount of expense and effort saved through such professional consultation will more than offset the modest investment.

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