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Reconstruction property close to Castanheira de Pera and the beautiful village of Coentral.

Property for sale

It is an old fashioned house, not too big, with 3 bedrooms and a lounge. You could take out one of the walls of a bedroom to create a passage to the kitchen and to enlarge the bathroom and to modernize it.

The kitchen is old fashioned and small and the entrance only from the outside. However there is space to extend the kitchen. All the floors in the house are made out of concrete.

It comes with 2 small strips of agricultural land on the other side of the path next to the house and goes down to the river. All together it is about 400 m² of land and the family owns more, so if people are interested in more land it can be discussed.

Property for sale
Property for sale

It could be turned into a nice holliday house, close to the mountains and in the middle of nature.

There is bread van passing on a daily basis and the fishmonger once a week as well. Driving up to the town of Castanheira de Pera takes 10 minutes where you can find everything you need.

Property for sale
Outside town/village.
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Castanheira de Pera
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