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Professional services we offer to clients

Property Services
As consultants and intermediaries we strive to acquaint interested buyers with available properties in the green heart of rural Portugal. In the first place, our initial services may be seen as promoting the marketing of country homes in rural Portugal. But this is only the first of a series of services that, when combined, will lead to a satisfactory transaction. Properties offered through our facilities have been selected and checked for their legal and fiscal status.

Advisory Services
As consultants and intermediaries we strive to make your initial stay in the heart of rural Portugal comfortable, pleasant and informative. Our staff speak Portuguese, English, Dutch, German and French and are available to offer their expertise on a wide range of subjects related to real estate in the countryside of Portugal. Should you desire to acquire a building permit, an estimate for renovation, electrical, plumbing or other specialised work, our people will be there to advise you. It may be important to keep in mind that the specialists recommended by our group have all proven their capacities to us in the past. The selection of good workers can save you from much heartache, not to mention unnecessary wasting of money.

Legal Services
As consultants and intermediaries we strive to put forward sound and reliable legal advice and services. It is absolutely essential that any and all real estate transactions in Portugal be carefully carried out under the sharp eyes of experienced, competent and trustworthy legal advisors. From our own experience, we prefer to work with a well-known international group of lawyers in Pombal.

Financial Services
As consultants and intermediaries we strive to safeguard the financial interests of both the buyer, as well as the interests of the seller. Toward this end, we channel all financial transactions via an independent trust fund (registered in the Netherlands under Dutch law, which is similar to a British Trust Fund.) Safety is the key word of Stichting Country Homes Trust. The buyer deposits the purchasing funds into the Trust where they remain the property of the buyer until the moment the lawyer approves the final transaction. The seller, meanwhile, is given peace of mind because he or she is able to see that the funds are on hand awaiting the moment the legalities are completed. The Trust has been functioning for a decade without problems.
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